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My name is Pariksheet Nanda and you’re probably reading this to find out who I am and/or why I care so much about µManager.

The short version is: I love programming; I first got involved with the software freedom culture (mostly Gentoo GNU/Linux) in the months between graduating and finding employment at Andor, and so µManager allowed me to reconcile my hobbies with my professional life.

I got my college degree in Electrical Engineering, and then joined Andor Technology as a Support Engineer. I worked briefly with the camera and spectroscopy division for a few months before settling into the company’s newer, exciting microscopy systems division. It was fun not only because of traveling for field work and being able to meet clients face-to-face, but also being able to work closely with nearly all departments of the company with their highly motivated people. After 6 years, the US systems division staff had grown 4 times, and it was a good time to leave for academia with so many wonderful people to continue the journey. Having PhD students and professors as clients showed me the edifying experience that the educational environment has on character, and for that my own academic interests I joined the academic research community at a microscopy development lab.

Wiki Pages

These are the wiki pages I contribute to and maintain:

Systems Setup

Over the years, I’ve helped a number of students and professors get setup with µManager:

Institution Principal Investigator
Connecticut, University of Dave Knecht
California, University of, at San Diego Karen Oegema
Carnegie Mellon Marcel Bruchez
National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences Jerry Yakel
Cornell, Weill Medical College Joel Baumgart
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Daniel Heller
Luisiana State University Health Science Center Edward Wojcik
North Carolina, University of, at Chapel Hill Anne Taylor
Texas, University of, Southwestern Medical Center Kate Luby-Phelps
Cornell University Peng Chen
Michigan, University of Allen Liu
Sandia National Labs at Livermore Carl Hayden
Harvard Medical School Rachel Wilson
Yale University Derek Toomre
Ohio State University Tony Brown


I wish to thank Steve Ikeda (NIH) for training me on what practical setups for Groups and Presets should be, since that generic mode of interface organization was new to me. Organizing Device Properties in a sane way paid off many times over in helping other users set up their systems.

I also would like to thank Paul Forscher (Yale) for teaching me the canonical troubleshooting approach (the nabble search web link), showing me how he setup and ran his systems with Matlab, and his extensive involvement and patience in wading through intermittent hardware communication problems.

Finally, I would like to thank Nico Stuurman (UCSF) for accepting my patches and granting me repository access to maintain a part of the C++ code. Contributing code to an active project I really cared about was a huge confidence boost for me and I felt like I made it as a free software programmer, as well as become part of the community.