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Version 2.0 Scripts

This page shows some example Beanshell scripts using the 2.0 API.

More 2.0 scripts can be found in the 2.0 repository on github.

Manual acquisition with display

This script creates a Datastore, adds a DisplayWindow to it, manually snaps a few images, converts them from TaggedImage to Image, changes their coordinates, adds them to the Datastore, and then saves the result to disk.

import org.micromanager.data.Coords;
import org.micromanager.data.Image;
import org.micromanager.data.Datastore;
import org.micromanager.display.DisplayWindow;

import mmcorej.TaggedImage;

Datastore store = mm.data().createRAMDatastore();
DisplayWindow display = mm.displays().createDisplay(store);

TaggedImage tmp = mm.getCore().getTaggedImage();
Image image1 = mm.data().convertTaggedImage(tmp);
image1 = image1.copyAtCoords(image1.getCoords().copy().channel(0).build());

tmp = mm.getCore().getTaggedImage();
Image image2 = mm.data().convertTaggedImage(tmp);
image2 = image2.copyAtCoords(image1.getCoords().copy().channel(1).build());

store.save(Datastore.SaveMode.MULTIPAGE_TIFF, display);

Snap an image, process with the default pipeline and get it as an ImageJ ImagePlus

import ij.ImagePlus;

store = mm.data().createRAMDatastore();

// no need to create display if you do not want to see the images
dw = mm.getDisplayManager().createDisplay(store); 

// pipeline insertion will block
pipeLine = mm.data().copyApplicationPipeline(store, true);  

imgList = mm.acquisitions().snap();
coords = mm.data().createCoords("t=0,p=0,c=0,z=0");
img = imgList.get(0).copyAtCoords(coords);
processedImg = store.getImage(coords);
iProcessor = mm.data().ij().createProcessor(processedImg);

// duplicate if you want to store the original images
ip = (new ImagePlus("tmp", iProcessor)).duplicate();