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User Testing


P.nanda 07:22, 23 May 2014 (PDT)

Test System Setup


Part# MM-8206-75-35, Serial# MM-0201
PLDA Driver version

Andor camera

Part# DR-328G-C02-SIL, Serial# DR-03168


version nightly build 1.4.18_20140522 64-bit


Dell T3500 Service Tag# 55H99P1, Computer Name US01320

Test System Setup

  • Fresh install of Micro-Manager into default root C:\Program Files\Micro-Manager 1.4\ directory (all older root directories of Micro-Manager installations were deleted).
  • Did not restart computer after MM installation.
  • Tools > Hardware Configuration Wizard (HCW) now shows the Mosaic3 under “Available Devices”. This is noteworthy because in earlier versions of MM, the device would show up as “unavailable” until the DLLs were copied over.
  • Trying to add the device gives “Error in device Mosaic3: No Mosaic3 devices found.” Of course, none of the Mosaic3 DLLs are present in the root directory yet since they are not yet bundled with the nightly build.
  • Installed Mosaic SDK from http://my.andor.com/ from Software > Drivers and 3rd Party > Andor Mosaic 3 SDK. Selected option to repair MSVC++ 2010 installation when prompted by installer. Chose not to restart. Installed into default root folder C:\Program Files\Andor Mosaic 3 SDK\.
  • Copied .sdk\*.dll files from root SDK directory to root MM directory:
    • atcore.dll
    • atdevmosaic3.dll
    • Mosaic3ApiSharedMfc.dll
    • Mosaic3SDKWrapper.dll
  • Now Mosaic 3 adds successfully with Mosaic3 DLLs copied to MM root directory.
  • Confirmed all 4 DLL files are required for Mosaic3 to initialize (renaming any of them adding by adding .bak file extension raises the same initialization “Error in device Mosaic3: No Mosaic3 devices found.” as seen before in HCW).


Ran Arthur’s mask projection script verbatim to project a drawn image without doing any calibration - works OK.

Projector Plugin

Setup Tab

Micro-Manager Andor iQ MDC MetaMorph
On - Pulselatestmask
Off Reset under Settings tab Activateblack
Showcenterspot - Activatetestmask + Pulselatestmask
Allpixels - Activatewhite + Pulselatestmask
(use script) Testmask Activatetestmask
- Whitemask Activatewhite
- - Activatelatestmask

Button nomenclature used in Projector plugin compared to other software

Point and Shoot tab

This feature isn’t very useful, since it’s locked into using a small circle ROI and the size and shape cannot be customized.

ROIs tab

P.nanda 11:17, 27 May 2014 (PDT)

ROI Manager
  • All ROIs are uploaded to the DMD regardless of selection in the ROI Manager, so it’s useful to enable the Show All and Labels checkboxes in the ROI Manager.
  • When saving ROIs using More > Save..., the highlight selections are important; only those ROIs that are highlighted are saved. So to save all, one must first ⌃ Ctrl+ or ⇧ Shift+select all ROIs. Individual ROIs get saved as .roi files and multiple rois as .zip files.

Mosaic Alignment

  • To focus the Mosaic epi port focus and DMD lenses:
    • Set a very long exposure time (say, the maximum, 200 seconds), and click on Allpixels (see Figure A). The long exposure time is needed since there does not appear to be a way to leave a Mask image continuously on; even the On button pulses the image for the duration of Mosaic3-Exposure.
    • Close down the Mosaic field diaphram (Figure C) and focus the Mosaic epi port lens:
      • 8206 model has the field diaphram built into the beamsplitter block.
      • 8204 model uses the Zeiss microscope epi field stop.
      • Other models need a mask slide placed at the Mosaic epi port mouth and focused with e.g. the Mosaic flashlight.
    • Adjust the DMD lens focus. Using Arthur’s mask projection script is especially helpful here, with a quadrant mask image (Figure D).

(A, B) Using Allpixels and Centersport buttons, respectively, in Setup tab of Projector plugin. (C) Epi port focused by closing field diaphram. (D) DMD focus using test mask.