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Summary: Rapp Phototargeting Unit
Author: Arthur Edelstein
License: LGPL
Platforms: Windows
Devices: Rapp UGA-40

The Rapp UGA-40 uses galvos to bounce lasers through the microscope objective and target particular spots on the specimen in the image plane. The galvos can also be rastered to illuminate a region of interest. Micro-Manager Projector Plugin allows users to draw one or more spots or regions of interest on an image of the specimen, and phototarget these areas using the UGA-40. (The Projector Plugin permits both ad hoc phototargeting and planning targeting events embedded in a multi-dimensional acquisition).

The UGA-40 supports up to two lasers of different colors. Choose which laser to use by setting the “Laser” property to “1” or “2”.

A few UGA-40-specific properties allow fine-grained control, supplementing the generic controls presented by the Projector Plugin. These include:

Property Description
CalibrationMode If “On”, laser is turned on regardless of targeting status
TTLTriggered For TTL triggering, determines whether triggering occurs on a rising or falling edge
SpotSize Tells the UGA-40 controller how large the measured spot size is, for help with rastering extended ROIs
RasterFrequency_Hz Controls the speed of ROI rastering
AccuracyPercent Controls how precisely an irregular ROI is filled in during rastering
OnMinimumRectSize Determines the smallest tile used during rastering
Sequence Allows a “sequence script” to be uploaded to the UGA-40 controller (rarely used)


For Micro-Manager 1.4.15, you need to copy two files, ROEobsTools.dll and obsROE_Device.dll, provided by Rapp, into the Micro-Manager folder. They need to be the “VS2008” version (32- or 64-bit, matching Micro-Manager).

Micro-Manager nightly builds since late Nov 2013 include all necessary files and require no additional steps. (However, the DLLs included in the nightly builds are not compatible with MM 1.4.15 or with nightly builds up to mid-November, 2013.)


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