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Xudong Xiao

Xudong Xiao, Ph.D University of South Carolina Department of Mechanical Engineering


  • Ph. D. 2002, Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL. Thesis Advisor: Professor Ishwar K. Puri.
  • M. S. 2001, Mathematical Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL.

Broad experience as a successful investigator in the fields of biomedical optics, mechanical engineering, and physics with experimental optical research experience in laser-based diagnostics, advancing imaging, multiphoton fluorescence, fluorescence life time imaging (FLIM), optical reporter development, confocal and fiber-based microendoscopy, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), near infrared imaging systems, spectroscopy, holographic interferometry, digit holography, stimulated scattering, and rainbow schlieren.

  • Rich hands-on experience with a variety of optical and electronic instruments, such as lasers (ultrafast lasers, dye lasers, fiber amplifiers, and diode lasers), fiber optics, microscopic animal imaging, fluorescence photospectrometers, CCD cameras, Ocean Optics spectrometers, Fabry-Perot interferometers, microscopes, grating spectrometers, acousto-optic modulators, galvanometer mirrors, Faraday rotator/isolators, polarizers, filters, beam-attenuators, photo-detectors, PMTs, lock-in amplifier, and boxcar averagers.
  • Experience in technical writing, including reports, papers, and proposals.
  • Computer Skills: Zemax for optial design; C++ programs for data and image processing, Matlab for image processing, LabView for optical and electronic instrument control and data acquisition, ImageJ for image processing, and Igor Pro for data graphing and analysis. Java, XML, and SQL for web service