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Païkan Marcaggi investigates real time nerve cell interactions, using quantitative approaches. In the course of his research with J.A. Coles (PhD) and with D. Attwell (postdoc) on the role of ammonium and glutamate transporters, he gradually focused his interest on glutamatergic synaptic transmission and plasticity mechanisms. In 2006, he was awarded an MRC Career Development Fellowship and set up an independent lab at University College London. As a principal investigator, he investigated properties of metabotropic glutamate receptors, endocannabinoid signaling and synaptic plasticity in the cerebellum. He was appointed a CNRS researcher at the ENS, Paris, where he worked with S. Dieudonné on cerebellar physiology using optogenetic and two-photon microscopy. He joined the INMED in October 2014.