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scholar, engineer, educator, innovator | social, creative, persuasive

My aim is to improve peoples lives by applying my knowledge of neuroscience, optics and engineering.

Initial spark that guided my career was to apply my talent for mathematics and programming to biology. I have been doing so since the start of my scientific path by constructing many optical tools and applying them to advance the understanding of the brain.

My immediate area of expertise is functional live cell imaging where I am a well published author. I have 17 scientific research papers and 3 book chapters, 569 citations, h-index of 10 and i10-index of 10.

Main scientific contributions: - advanced the method of voltage imaging

  • measured the output of a neuron (initiation and propagation of nerve impulses) - measured the input into a neuron (subthreshold potentials at the site of origin) - contributed to understanding how input is transformed into output - explained the effect of MS disease on impulse conduction

Now, I am employed as a microscopy expert at MCBI department of Amsterdam UMC, locatie VUmc. m.popovic@vumc.nl