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Chris is a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University studying ion channel and neurotransmitter transporter trafficking in neurons using novel fluorescent probes developed in our lab. Prior to joining CMU’s Ph.D. program, Chris received his bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York at Binghamton, during which time he spent a year studying and conducting research in cell stress at Åbo Akademi in Turku, Finland.

Following undergrad, Chris worked as a technician at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory studying the mechanisms of prostate cancer progression. It was here that his love for microscopy was truly incepted, leading him to later join a lab specializing in fluorescence techniques.

Currently, Chris has inherited custodial duties of his lab’s epifluorescence and TIR-FM microscope which is operated by micro-manager. It’s quite the learning experience. He hopes that the community can help him learn and improve microscope operation.