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Vincent shutter controller adapter


Interfaces to Vincent (Uniblitz) shutter controllers


Nico Stuurman




Windows, Mac OS X and linux (serial port)


Vincent controllers VMM-D1/T1, D122, D3/D4, VCM-D1, ASI SC-2000, possibly others

Example Config File:

This adapter controls the Vincent shutter controllers D1, T1, D3 and D122 (not available anymore). Connect the controller through a serial port and configure the port as specified in the manual to your controller (the D122 uses a baudrate of 300, others are 9600, for the D122 set ‘DelayBetweenCharsMs’ to 50-100, for other controllers this can be 0). Multiple controllers can be daisy chained as the adapter can address these daisy-chained controllers (For property “Address”, use “x” to address all daisy-chained controllers, or if there is a single controller).

The Vincent D3 controls up to 3 shutters. For each shutter, make a separate Vincent-D3 device, and set the “Channel #” pre-initialization property to the desired shutter number.

Nico 09:36, 8 September 2007 (PDT)

If using an actual serial cable, ensure that the cable is of the “null modem” type.

–oreopoj 14:06, 8 September 2010 (EST)