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Version 2.0 Wishlist

Things we’d like to do for 2.0 that aren’t considered to be blockers.

Data API

  • Implement data processing pipeline.
  • Move comments out of image metadata and into separate file.
    • Have a comments history, with modifications tacking a new (timestamped) entry onto the comments rather than replacing the existing content (a.k.a. history is immutable)


  • Remove MMAcquisition objects


  • Split up “compat” layer into sub-categories, and move those new sub-categories into new objects
    • Stage control (+position list dialog)
    • GUI (refreshGUI, snapSingleImage, more?)
    • Hardware config
    • Config groups

General API

  • Expose classes/interfaces in the API:
    • MMFrame and MMDialog
    • MMScriptException
    • Various utilities (NumberUtils, JavaUtils, others?)
      • These should be exposed as new top-level “manager” types (e.g. “mm.numbers().foo()” instead of “NumberUtils.foo()”)
  • Add colorblind-friendly section to the color picker (c.f. this article)
  • Replace MMException/MMScriptException with more descriptive (and non-custom) exceptions

Viewer window

  • Have instant feedback when a new display window is created, even if there’s no images to display yet. Possibly optional? Important for MDA display where there can be a lengthy delay before any images actually arrive.
  • Show pixel info display in both pixels and microns?
  • Add “zoom image to fit window” option and option for smoothly scaling images (i.e. not using ImageJ quantized zoom)
    • Should have a menu to select zoom level, turn on/off “snap zoom” (a.k.a. ImageJ zoom), etc.
  • Allow establishing display links by dragging the link icon to other windows


  • Be able to tag any MM window as being always-on-top (e.g. for stage control, device properties, main window, some specific plugin…)
  • Allow users to customize night/day colors
  • Easy keyboard shortcut for the “Copy to System” command (ImageJ’s default copy shortcut is an ImageJ-specific concept that doesn’t play nicely with e.g. Photoshop)
  • Add multiple look-and-feel options including a nighttime option that has dark buttons, table headers, etc.
  • Beanshell script to generate Z-projections of a dataset
  • Method for extracting specific fields from image metadata and outputting to a file (CSV, log, etc.).


  • Fix up PixelCalibrator?


  • MetadataPanel should show any property that has at any point in history (for this dataset) changed, not just changes from one image to the next
  • MetadataPanel should allow you to specifically select properties that should always be shown
  • Reduce size of hidden histograms?