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Version 2.0 Milestones

We have several primary projects that are wrapped up in the “Micro-Manager 2.0” project. This page will be used to track our progress on each of these projects.

Acquisition Engine

A new acquisition engine that, compared to the existing engine, is more flexible, easier to modify, and better-exposed in the API.

Status: pre-alpha

Display Windows

New display windows for viewing data.

Status: alpha

Data workflow

A replacement for the linear DataProcessor system, which is more flexible, is capable of branching image pipelines, and can easily bundle up images for analysis in groups (e.g. all Z slices for a given timepoint).

Status: not started


All above changes are integrated into the API. Additionally, the API now exposes more details about Micro-Manager’s data model, allowing users to easily access image data and metadata and construct their own datasets, without having to rely on the “Acquisition” object.

See this page for more details.

Status: alpha; dependent on other items