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Version 2.0 Features

MicroManager 2.0 has many new capabilities and features.

Image Display Window

  • Histograms, metadata, and other controls are directly attached to the image display
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Working “nighttime” mode
  • Can create multiple windows displaying different parts of the same dataset (without duplicating the dataset itself)
    • These windows can be synchronized, so that e.g. you can look at the same Z-slice at different timepoints, or use the same contrast settings
  • New image overlay system for drawing on top of the image (including scale bar and timestamp overlays)
  • Improved scrollbars and better animation controls

Scripting API

  • Can easily access all aspects of image data and metadata
  • Can directly create and control image windows
  • Can add custom controls and overlays to image windows
  • Can receive notifications of more events related to display and data (e.g. the creation of new display windows)
  • Can easily save custom acquisitions as TIFFs

New data model

  • Image metadata is strongly-typed and clearly documented (untyped user metadata can also be attached)
  • Complete display settings are saved as part of the data – so your multi-window setup can be saved and recalled later
  • Can have arbitrary data axes (not just Z/time/channel/position)
    • NOTE: custom axes are not currently saved!
  • Backwards-compatible with MM1.4 data files

General improvements

  • Aborted/incomplete acquisitions have the correct dimensions when used in ImageJ
  • ImageJ’s understanding of the pixel size (including pixel depth) should never be inaccurate