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Using Multi-Dimensional Acquisition with a manual microscope

If you do not have a motorized dichroic turret or filter wheel and need to switch filters between taking images in Micro-Manager, you can still use the Multi-Dimensional Acquisition and its facilities. To do so,

  • Make a hardware configuration that includes the DemoCamera-Dichroic device (or any other demo state device).
  • Make a Channel Configuration group that represents the filters/dichroics that you have and name them accordingly.
  • Start the Script Panel (under the Tools menu). Click the top-left “Add” button, and navigate to the “scripts” folder in the Micro-Manager directory. Select the script “ManualAcq2.bsh” (you need to do this step only one time, the Script Panel will remember the scripts you loaded). Run the ManualAcq2.bsh script by pressing the Run button in the top or by double clicking the text “ManualAcq2.bsh” in the left-hand pane.
  • Set up an MDA (using the Multi-D Acq. button and ensuing window) and select the desired channels.
  • When you run the acquisition, you will be prompted to put the correct filters/dichroics in place.