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Summary: Thorlabs Scientific Imaging Cameras


Thorlabs Scientific Imaging (TSI) Camera


Nenad Amodaj




Microsoft Windows 7 and up, both 32 and 64 bit


all Thorlabs Scientific Imaging series cameras

Installation Instructions

This adapter is compatible with all Thorlabs Scientific Imaging cameras (TSI). Before configuring the camera with micro-manager, ThorCam software must be installed and verified to operate as intended. After installing ThorCam software make sure that camera is fully functional and that it can acquire both in single image and live streaming mode.

For MicroManager support for all Thorlabs Scientific Cameras (340, 1500, 1501, 4070, 8050, 8051, CS2100M-USB, CS235MU, CS235CU, CS505MU, CS505CU, CS505MUP, CS895MU, and CS895CU), please follow these directions:

1. Install ThorCam and the appropriate drivers using the installer CD that came with a camera or download an installer from the appropriate product page at Thorlabs.com.

2. The latest stable release (Micro-Manager 2.0.0 (July 13, 2021)) is unfortunately not working with some of the above listed cameras but will most certanly work with one of the latest nightly builds. Alternatively, you can try installing Micro-Manager nightly build dated July 15, 2019 or later (1.4 or 2.0). On 64-bit Windows, install 64-bit MicroManager. On 32-bit Windows, install 32-bit MicroManager. (Thorlabs cameras do not currently support 32-bit MicroManager on 64-bit Windows).

3. From the Thorcam installation folder (usually C:\Program Files\Thorlabs\Scientific Imaging\Scientific Camera Support\), copy the file called Scientific_Camera_Interfaces.zip to a separate folder where you have sufficient permissions to unzip it (e.g. the desktop folder).

4. Unzip the Scientific_Camera_Interfaces.zip archive and it will create a folder hierarchy with a folder named Scientific Camera Interfaces at the top level.

5. Navigate to \Scientific Camera Interfaces\SDK\Native Compact Scientific Camera Toolkit\dlls and you will see a Native_32_lib and a Native_64_lib folder.

6. Choose the appropriate folder (Native_32_lib vs. Native_64_lib) based on whether you installed 64-bit Micromanager or 32-bit Micromanager.

7. Copy all the DLLs from that folder into the Micromanager installation folder.

3-7-alternative: You will need to copy from here: C:\Program Files\Thorlabs\Scientific Imaging\Scientific Camera Support\Scientific Camera Interfaces\SDK\DotNet Toolkit\dlls\Managed_64_lib.

It is also possible that some of the dll’s are missing from this location if you are using ThorCam 3.4. If this is the case, please also copy the dll’s from the ThorCam installation location here: C:\Program Files\Thorlabs\Scientific Imaging\ThorCam . Some of these dll’s will be duplicates.

8. In MicroManager, go to Tools->Hardware Configuration Wizard. Create or modify a configuration and click Next. Scroll through the available devices to find TSI->TSICam.

After adding the TSICam device, proceed to next steps of the Hardware Configuration Wizard as described in the micro-manager documentation.

Legacy Camera Support

If you have one of the legacy camera models (consult Thorlabs support if you are not sure) this driver should work. Verify that TSI_SDK.dll file is present in the micro-manager directory. However, you can not have both legacy and standard cameras connected with the same computer.

Click here to search for TSI on the Micro-Manager mailing list archive.