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Interfaces to Sutter Lambda 10-3 controller


Nick Anthony. Based off of the SutterLambda adapter




Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (only serial port, no parallel port or USB)


Lambda 10-3

Device Configuration

Serial port issues

The Lambda 10-3 Controller uses a straight through (i.e., not null modem) DB9 serial cable. The default baud rates are 9600 for serial ports and 128000 for USB ports (which use a build-in USB-serial converter, drivers can be found here)

Wheel speed

95% of the time speed #1 works best (#0 being the fastest, which only works with an empty wheel). If speed #1 does not work you can try the slowest (speed #7 IIRC). Best practice is to set the desired wheel speed during startup, i.e. in your Startup Preset of the System Group.

Lambda VF5

The Lambda VF5 tunable filter changer consists of a filter wheel which can additionally be tilted to provide a specific bandpass wavelength. In addition to selecting a wheel speed (described above) you can also select a tilt speed between 0 and 3.