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Vortran Stradus Laser Controller


Vortran Stradus Laser Controller


David Sweeney




All platforms (uses serial port)


Vortran Stradus Laser

Default serial port settings:

AnswerTimeout 5 Seconds
BaudRate 19200
DelayBetweenCharsMs 0
Handshaking Off
Parity None
StopBits 1

The Vortran Stradus Laser Controller controls Stradus diode lasers via a serial interface.

The following laser features and operating status may be controlled and/or monitored:

  • Analog Modulation (External Power Control) ON/OFF [EPC = 1 or 0]
  • Base-Plate Temperature [?BPT]
  • Laser Diode Current [?LC]
  • Digital Modulation ON/OFF [PUL = 1 or 0]
  • Digital Peak Power [PP = ###]
  • Digital Peak Power Setting [?PP]
  • Fault Code [?FC]
  • Firmware Version [?FV]
  • Operating Hours [?LH]
  • Interlock Status [?IL]
  • Laser Emission ON/OFF [LE = 1 or 0]
  • Laser ID (Serial Number, Part Number, Nom. Wavelength, Nom. Power, Circular or Elliptical Beam [?LI]
  • Operating Condition (Fault Description) [?FD]
  • Laser Diode Power [LP = ###]
  • Laser Diode Power Setting [?LPS]

When switching Laser Emission to “ON”, laser power and laser current information may not be immediately available.

The cause for this is the laser’s default 5 second delay between initiating laser emission with a serial command and the actual turn-on of laser emission. If using the Device/Property Browser, simply click the “Refresh” button. For a long term solution the delay may be disabled. To disable the delay, use a terminal program and type “delay=0” followed by Enter at the Stradus prompt. This setting will be remembered by the laser until changed.

Lasers will automatically be shut off when Micro-Manager closes but power remains on.

Switching power off and on or turning laser emission ON within the Micro-Manager Device/Property Manager will restore laser emission.

Below is a screenshot of a properly configured Stradus Laser:

The Stradus GUI software, shown below, which is included on the software CD shipped with Stradus lasers may be helpful for initial configuration and testing of lasers in a Micro-Manager controlled system.

Questions regarding the Stradus Micro-Manager device driver may be directed to: Vortran uManager Driver Support

Click here to search for Vortran on the Micro-Manager mailing list archive.