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Interfaces with SmarAct controllers HCU and CU


Joran Deschamps




All platforms (uses serial interface)



Example Config File:


Micro-Manager version:


In order to enable RS232 communication with the controller, the user must request from SmarAct a new firmware for the corresponding controller (*Ua.fmw) and upload it using the manufacturer’s tool.

This adapter has been written to communicate with a HCU-3D controller from SmarAct using the manufacturer SCU (simple control unit) RS232 interface (via COM port). The factory baud rate is 9600 but might be set to a different value by the user later. The user can independently load a 1D sensor (“1D stage”) and a 2D configuration (“2D stage”).

To each sensor corresponds a channel (0, 1 or 2) from the (H)CU-3D controller. The possibility to set the direction (+ or -) is given in the hardware configuration wizard. In the property browser, the frequency (speed), holdtime and position can be set via properties. For single-channel controllers (e.g. (H)CU-1D) select a “1D Stage” and use the channel “0”.

This device adapter has been tested with Micro-manager 1.4.17 to 1.4.22 in Windows 7, with HCU-3D and CU-3D controllers produced before 2015 (compatibles with M sensors). It should be compatible with (H)CU-3D, -3C, -3CL, -3CX and (H)CU-1D, -1DM, -1C, -1CL and -1CX.