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Interfaces with Princeton Instruments cameras that work with the PVCAM driver


Nenad Amodaj, with contributions from Nico Stuurman (Mac adaptation) and Ji Yu (expose more PVCAM properties), Oleksiy Danikhnov, Arthur Edelstein (reliability in streaming mode), and Rob Allen (Princeton Instruments)




Windows, 32-bit only


PVCAM compatible cameras

Driver Needed:

Princeton Instruments PVCAM

See also: PICAM for recent Princeton Instruments cameras on 64-bit Windows


This adapter will work with Princeton Instrument (PI) cameras that work with PVCAM. Be aware that you will need to install the PI version for PVCAM. If you had previously installed the Photometrics version of PVCAM, then you need to manually complete de-installation using the following instructions: PhotometricsUninstall.zip

If you encounter the following error message on startup: *Error code: 39

  • *Line 14: Property,Core,Initialize,1
  • *Error code: 22
  • *Device Undefined. Duplicate property names are not allowed.
  • then Micro-Manager was most likely not terminated in a graceful way during the previous session. Simply quit Micro-Manager, reboot your camera (by switching it off and back on again) and try again.

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