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Adapter for cameras from Pixelink


Pixelink Corporation




Windows, 32 and 64-bit


Pixelink PL-D and M series cameras

At Pixelink, our goal is to make your machine vision, microscopy or life science application a success. We design and manufacture cameras with this objective always in mind. We utilize great hardware technology and easy to use software to offer global customers a robust and reliable solution. We leverage our expertise and work with you to understand your requirements. As a result, we deliver outstanding cameras to meet your specific needs.

Pixelink PL-D and M series cameras now support Micro-Manager. To download the Micro-Manager device adapter follow the link below:

Download Pixelink Micro-Manager Device Adapter

This adapter has been tested with Micro-Manager version 2.0.0_20210304. We recommend using this version, although later versions have also been reported to work. If you have an older version of Micro Manager, please update your software.