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Pixel Calibrator Plugin

The Pixel Calibrator Plugin automatically measures the size of the camera’s pixels at the sample plane. The plugin systematically translates the XY stage, and uses resulting motions in the image to infer the pixel dimensions in microns. To use the Pixel Calibrator, you will need a camera, a pre-calibrated motorized stage, and a nonperiodic specimen with reasonably high contrast.

Usage instructions:

  1. Adjust your sample and microscope settings until you can Snap a high-contrast image. Make sure your specimen has lots of detail in the center of the field of view.
  2. Choose Plugins > Pixel Calibrator and press Start.
  3. The yellow rectangle indicates the part of the image that is being followed as the stage moves.
  4. If calibration succeeds, the plugin will ask if you wish to add or update a Calibration setting.
  5. Switch to a new magnification (objective/optovar) and repeat.