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PeCon Series 2000 Incubation Controllers Adapter


Controls PeCon Series 2000 Incubation System Devices


Christian Sachs (@csachs)


BSD (2-clause/FreeBSD license)


TempController 2000-1, TempController 2000-2, CO2–Controller 2000, CO2–O2–Controller 2000

Device Adapter for PeCon Series 2000 Incubation Controllers (Temperature/Gas, connected via USB). Available in the nightly builds as of August 04, 2016. The Device Adapter is built as a hub device, which enumerates all connected PeCon Series 2000 controllers.

You can control the desired value (Setpoint), read the current value (ActualValue), and set whether the controller should control towards the setpoint (LoopControl).

Status of the device and control channel is available in three variants: Numeric as numeric value and Identifier as short string value for scripting usages, and Message as human readable message.

Keypad access can be blocked by KeypadBlocked, however to retain the lock, the device must be queried (by reading the Status properties) at least every 5 seconds.

Thanks go to Dr. Oliver Merk of PeCon for providing the SDK as well as for testing and discussions. If you encounter any error, please contact the author.