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Newport SMC100 adapter


Drives Newport SMC100 single-axis motor controller


Liisa Hirvonen (2009), updated by Nico Stuurman in 2015




All platforms (serial interface)


Since version:


Serial port settings:

AnswerTimeout 500
BaudRate 57600
DelayBetweenCharsMs 0
Handshaking Software (not sure if this is needed)
StopBits 1

Serial Cable

Straight through with pins 1,4 and 6 connected, and pins 8,7 connected (see SMC manual). Not sure what that means exactly, however, a straight through cable with all pins on one end connected to the corresponding pin on the other end worked fine.

Please follow the SMC manual and instructions to conifigure the SMC controller(s) first. As of the 1.4.23 August 18 nightly build, the adapter can work with multiple SMC controllers. Set the RS485 address using the tools provided by Newport, and enter the RS485 as a pre-initialization property in the Micro-Manager Hardware Configuration Wizard.

Find the Newport documentation here.

Of note is the homing behavior. After switching on the controller, it will need to be homed before the stage can be used. Micro-Manager will home the device on startup. Homing behavior can be configured using the Newport software. To get “re-usable” positions, make sure that the homing strategy involves moving to one of the limit switches.

As with any stage, you may need to set the Core-TimeoutMs property to something larger than the default 5 seconds to avoid timing out when moving large distances.