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The Multi-MDA plugin makes it possible to run time-lapse acquisitions with different acquisition settings at different positions. This can be useful - for instance - when imaging cells expressing different constructs in multiple wells of a plate, or to compare imaging in confocal and wide-field modes.

The plugin can be reached under Plugins > Acquisition Tools > Multi MDA, or using the Multi MDA button in the Multi-D Acq. window.

The UI look as follows:

Use “Number of different settings” to set how many different settings you would like to use withing this Multi-MDA. For each of these settings, you will be prompted for an Acquisition Settings file that you should generate in the Multi-D Acquisition Window. Use the “Save” button in that dialog to save the settings that you then can load here. You most likely will also want to load a Position List File (generate one using the “Stage Position List” Dialog. OPtionally, you can check the “Use Preset” checkbox in the top row of the dialog and select a PresetGroup. You can then select a preset for each setting, and that preset will be applied at each time point, before each setting is run. You could, for instance, use this to switch between Confocal and Epi imaging modes.

When you make changes to one of the files, press the “Reload Settings” button to make sure the new version of the file will be used (and to update the summary/explanation line).