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Mightex C Cam

Mightex C-series USB cameras


Adapter for Mightex C-series USB cameras


Yihui, mightexsystem.com




Windows only

Available since version:


Mightex C-Series Camera

This Micro-Manager adapter can be used to operate Mightex C-Series Camera. Please refer to Mightex C-Series Camera user’s manual for more details of the camera control.

Mightex C-Series cameras are USB2.0 cameras with CCD Sensor,The adapter has several properties that can be used to control the camera, with the property items, one can set parameters such as Resolution, Exposure Time, Gain, ROI, Offset_XY…etc. Note that the Exposure Time control has to set with the Property item (Not on the main window). It’s recommended for user to set full resolution when using C-Series camera, e.g. set to 1392x1040 for CCN/CCE and CXE cameras, and 1280x960 for CGN/CGE cameras.

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