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Mightex BLS

Platforms: Windows License: LGPL

Available since version: 1.4.9

Mightex Devices Supported: Mightex BLS Control Modules.

Author: Yihui Wu

Mightex BLS Control Modules

This Micro-Manager adapter can be used to operate Mightex BLS Control Modules. Please refer to Mightex BLS Control Modules user’s manual for more details.

Mightex BLS Control Modules are designed as USB interfaced HID devices, and this Micro-Manager adapter enables the Control module to be used as a shutter in Micro-Manager. The adapter has several properties that can be used to control the control module. Using this adapter,one can select an active channel and set its mode and parameters. One can then switch On/Off this channel (when it’s ON, its output will be set as per the setting parameters) on the main GUI of Micro-Manager.