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Summary: Interfaces with Mightex Polygon400 multiwavelength patterned illuminators.
License: Proprietary/closed source, Copyright Mightex Systems, 2015
Platforms: Windows
Devices: Polygon400

(See also: the Mightex Polygon Plugin.)

(Documentation to be written.)

You will need to copy MT\_POLYGON400\_IMGC.DLL and MT\_Polygon400\_SDK.DLL from your MightEx folder into µManager’s folder in order for the device adapter to load. In the Mightex folder there is also a folder MT\_Polygon400\_SDK/, and in there one (or more) subfolders with names similar to DSIGeeeeeeeeeeeeLAP1014103100/. You will need to copy the entire MT\_Polygon400\_SDK/ folder to the root of the micromanager folder as well.

Note: For some weird reason, on Windows the device will show up in the Device Manager as some sort of network controller.

See this thread.

Notes for Polygon1000:

  • After installation, the device could not be found by PolyScan2 (application provided by Mightex). The device showed up as “libus-win32 device” - “Unprogrammed Cypress FX3”. It showed up as something Andor related (I have the feeling that Mightex and Andor used the same USB VID/PID, causing these issues). Clicking on “Update driver”, and locating the driver (Tools \> Drivers \> Polygon1000 \> Win10\_x64) resulted in a workable driver (shows up as Universal Serial Bus Controllers \> Cypress FX3 StreamerExample Device. THis device is recognized by PolyScan2.
  • Copied MT\_Polygon400\_SDK from the provided USB drive into the Micro-Manager application directory.
  • Copied mt\_polygon1000\_sdd.dll, MT\_Polygon1000\_SDK.dll, Mightex\_BLSDriver\_SDK.dll, and the Polygon did not appear in the HCW. After copying MT\_Polygon400\_IMGC.dll and MT\_Polgon400\_SDK.dll into the Micro-Manager directory, it did appear. However, after selecting it the application reports: “Error in device “MightexPolygon”: Unable to communicate with the device. (35).

Stuck for now…

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