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Summary: Adapter for MicroFPGA
Author: Joran Deschamps
License: LGPL
Platforms: Linux, Mac, and Windows
Since version: 2.0.0-gamma
Automated Serial Port Setup: Yes
Peripheral device discovery: Yes

MicroFPGA is a cost-efficient electronic platform generating typical signals used to control microscope elements. It is based on hobby FPGA from Alchitry (Au and Cu FPGAs).

In particular, MicroFPGA allows complex and independent triggering of multiple lasers (us to ms pulses, on rising or falling camera trigger, following patterned sequences), as well as controlling several servomotors, TTL hardware (e.g. flip-mirrors, switches), reading analog signals or producing analog voltages (with the help of a complimentary electronics board).

In order to use MicroFPGA, you need to set-up the FPGA board and upload the MicroFPGA firmware. For more information, refer to the Github repository.

The Github repository contains:

For use with Micro-Manager 1.4, the baudrate must be changed within the firmware ([https://github.com/jdeschamps/MicroFPGA/blob/master/tutorials/changing_baudrate.md see tutorial]) as the default value is bigger than what the Micro-manager Hardware Wizard Configuration menu allows.