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Micro-Manager 1.2 Windows (Very Old!)

Micro-Manager previous versions: Downloads for Windows XP

Unfortunately, these builds are no longer available.

Windows installer includes ImageJ and Java run-time.

Old releases

Micro-Manager 1.2.39 beta, (September 30, 2008), size 23MB

  • Added DAShutter device
  • Fixed bug ‘first click on slider’

Micro-Manager 1.2.38 beta, (September 18, 2008), size 23MB

  • Fixed issue with Nikon TE2000 Optical Lightpath
  • Added NikonTE2000 PFS offset lens
  • Included autofocus code from Thomas Boudier
  • Added parity property to Windows serial port adapter
  • Updated ImageJ to version 1.41m

Micro-Manager 1.2.37 beta, (September 11, 2008), size 23MB

  • Added adapters for Mad City Labs stages (provided by Mad City Labs)
  • Added AutoExposure BeanShell script
  • Created options to switch off Hardware autofocus (e.g. Perfect Focus) during XY stage movement and/or Z-stage movement
  • Fixed some bugs in saving of metadata
  • Fixed a bug in PVCAM adapter that caused some properties to work incorrectly
  • Added a number of BeanShell example scripts

Micro-Manager 1.2.35 beta, (August 22, 2008), size 23MB

  • Fixed bug causing slow down during acquisition

Micro-Manager 1.2.33 beta, (August 1, 2008), size 23MB

  • Bug Fix in Andor adapter for problems in burst acquisition
  • Added Ludl Low level adpater
  • Added trigger output polarity to Hamamatsu adapter

Micro-Manager 1.2.32 beta, (July, 14, 2008), size 23MB

  • Improvements in Script Panel
  • Exiting Micro-Manager will also exit ImageJ
  • Bug fix in Ludl adapter (reported XY position was sometimes incorrect)
  • Bug fix: allow saving data when XY list is used and data were not automatically saved

Micro-Manager 1.2.31 beta, (July, 9, 2008), size 23MB

  • Bug fix: Error message in UI when adapter call OnPropertyChanged under certain circumstances
  • Bug fix: Crash of Andor adapter when changing readoutamplifiers under certain conditions

Micro-Manager 1.2.30 beta, (July, 8, 2008), size 23MB

  • Bug fix for ‘New’ button in Acquisition dialog not working
  • Allow deselecting positions in Position Dialog (so that Mark button will generate new positions again)

Micro-Manager 1.2.28 beta, (July, 2, 2008), size 23MB

  • Added Shutter device that uses the Parallel Port
  • Possible fix for sporadic Zeiss CAN29 crash

Micro-Manager 1.2.27 beta, (June, 30, 2008), size 23MB

  • Calibration (pixel size) editor added
  • Added more error control to Nikon TI adapter
  • Bug fixes in metadata annotation

Micro-Manager 1.2.26 beta, (June, 25, 2008), size 23MB

  • Distance traveled by Nikon TI stage should now be correct
  • ZeissCAN29 XYStage should now be found
  • Workaround (hack) for CAN29 focus drive timeout
  • Changed behavior of autoshutter checkbox in live mode

Micro-Manager 1.2.25 beta, (June, 24, 2008), size 23MB

  • Fixes bug causing Multi-Field not to work
  • Changed front-panel behavior concerning autoshutter in live mode

Micro-Manager 1.2.24 beta, (June, 24, 2008), size 23MB

  • Added delays to Nikon TI and Sutter shutters

Micro-Manager 1.2.23 beta, (June, 23, 2008), size 23MB

  • Bug fixes for Nikon TI (FilterBlock error, Dia and Aux shutters and PFS)

Micro-Manager 1.2.22 beta, (June, 22, 2008), size 23MB

  • Bug fix for Prior Wheels (could effect other Prior hardware problems on startup)
  • Added ZeissCAN29 XYStage (hopefully for real). Untested, be very careful, especially with homing the stage

Micro-Manager 1.2.21 beta, (June, 15, 2008), size 23MB

  • Enable setting of stepsize and orientation for Prior stage

Micro-Manager 1.2.20 beta, (June, 14, 2008), size 23MB

  • Added ZeissCAN29 XYStage
  • Fixed bug with ZeissCAN29 HalogenLamp

Micro-Manager 1.2.19 beta, (June, 13, 2008), size 23MB

  • Added Nikon TI FiterWheels

Micro-Manager 1.2.18 beta, (June, 9, 2008), size 23MB

  • Added Nikon TI adapter (written by Roy Wollman and Nico Stuurman)
  • Added Nikon AZ100 adapter

Micro-Manager 1.2.17 beta, (June, 3, 2008), size 23MB

  • Improvements in handling of metadata
  • Fixes bugs in Drag to Move function

Micro-Manager 1.2.15 beta, (May, 30, 2008), size 23MB

  • The complete state of the system is now stored in the metadata
  • ‘Mark’ button in positionlist now updates a selected position with current coordinates instead of adding a new position
  • Added ‘click to center’ feature (needs pixel calibration)
  • Added ‘drag to move’ function (needs pixel calibration)
  • Mouse scroll wheel controls focus in live mode
  • Fixed bugs in camera adapters that caused pixel size not be reported correctly when binning
  • Added properties to camera adapters that relay information concerning orientation
  • Fixed showstopping bugs ZeissCAN29 adapter
  • Added Pecon adapter (contributed by Peter Topor)

Micro-Manager 1.2.13 beta, (May, 19, 2008), size 23MB

  • Added FilterWheels to Zeiss CAN adapter
  • Improved Labels page in Hardware config wizard
  • Fixed bug in Andor adapter introduced in 1.2.8

Micro-Manager 1.2.12 beta, (May, 11, 2008), size 23MB

  • Added DAZStage adapter, needed when you are driving a z-stage with an analog output
  • Use new metadata system in burst mode and splitview
  • Improvements in configuration group handling when a single property is selected

Micro-Manager 1.2.11 beta, (April, 30, 2008), size 23MB

  • Added FilterWheel to ZeissCAN adapter (needs testing)
  • Added Control property to Lamp in Nikon TE2000 adapter
  • Fixed bug causing Z-stage not to work in Ludl MAC5000 adapter
  • Hardware config wizard: now reads labels from the adapter instead of creating defaults for all
  • Added adapter for the Yokogawa CSUX family of confocal scanheads
  • Added device AZ100Turret to the ASIStage adapter

Micro-Manager 1.2.10 beta, (April, 18, 2008), size 23MB

  • Now added PI adapter for real
  • Improvements to the script panel UI as suggested by Liisa Hervonen
  • Fixed some problems when using multiple Z-stages
  • Fixed bugs with script-induced changes in the PositionList
  • Fixed isses with ASIStage and ZeissCAN adapter that affected some models

Micro-Manager 1.2.09 beta, (April, 11, 2008), size 22MB

  • Added invert logic property to the K8061 adapter
  • Improved Andor adapter so that it runs faster with the 128x128 camera
  • Made MicroMax cameras work with the PVCAMUniversal adapter
  • Fixed bug in MultiStagePosition constructor

Micro-Manager 1.2.08 beta, (April, 3, 2008), size 22MB

Major changes since version 1.1

  • Major changes/improvements in the scripting interface
  • Make it possible to script acquisition
  • Tile/grid dialogue was added to the Position List
  • Improvements in Hamamatsu adapater (bug fixes and addition of burst mode)
  • Improved PVCAM support (many cameras that previously failed in acquisition should now work
  • Added handware handshaking to serial port
  • Added support for Physik Instrumente piezo stages
  • Added option to bypass splash window on startup
  • Added ‘Sliders’ to set properties with defined minimum and maximum values
  • By assigning a single property to a configuration preset, all these properties values can now be selected in the configuration group, i.e., one can get a slider on the front panel!
  • Adapters can now tell the GUI to rebuild the property list

Previous releases

Micro-Manager 1.1.47, (January 23, 2008), size 23MB
[documentation.php?object=NewFeature ]

  • Ludl adapter - bug fix
  • Time-lapse acquisition with Hamamatsu and PVCAM - bug fix

Micro-Manager 1.1.46, (January 11, 2008), size 23MB
[documentation.php?object=NewFeature Overview of new features and changes with respect to version 1.0], also see the [documentation.php?object=NewGuide Guide to new features in version 1.1]

  • Ludl adapter - bug fix
  • Zeiss CAN29 adapter - bug fix

Micro-Manager 1.1.45, (December 17, 2007), size 23MB
[documentation.php?object=NewFeature Overview of new features and changes with respect to version 1.0], also see the [documentation.php?object=NewGuide Guide to new features in version 1.1]

  • Ludl low-level command support added
  • Bug fixes: ImageJ “quit” handling, error logging
  • New Zeiss CAN29 adapter (Axio Observer microscopes)

Micro-Manager 1.1.42 beta, (November 5, 2007), size 23MB
[documentation.php?object=NewFeature Overview of new features and changes with respect to version 1.0], also see the [documentation.php?object=NewGuide Guide to new features in version 1.1]

  • 3D volume viewer added
  • Post-acquisition comment editing and brightness and contrast settings changes recorded in metadata
  • Various improvements in the exchange of image data between micro-manager and ImageJ: pixel size and time information preserved in image stacks
  • Bug fixes for Ludl adapter
  • Burst mode acquisition now forces interval to be the same as the exposure
  • Fixed bugs in Montage and Z-project commands

Micro-Manager 1.1.41 beta, (October 22, 2007), size 23MB
[documentation.php?object=NewFeature ]

  • PVCAM Micromax ROI bug fixed
  • Hardware configuration wizard: COM ports handling bug fixed
  • Multi-field mode available in the Acquisition Window
  • IntensiLight adapter bug fix
  • Linux/Max serial port adapter: stop-bits bug fix
  • Change in configuration presets now activates Save button and the prompt to save on exit.

Micro-Manager 1.1.40 beta, (October 18, 2007), size 23MB
’’’’’’[documentation.php?object=NewFeature ]

  • PVCAM (snap image command) bug fix
  • Nikon TE2000 shutter bug fix
  • Multi-field mode available in the Acquisition Window

Micro-Manager 1.1.39 beta, (October 1, 2007), size 23MB
[documentation.php?object=NewFeature ]

  • Burst mode acquisition support for Photometrics (PVCAM) cameras
  • Serial port adapter bug fixes
  • Ludl adapter: option for selecting shutter number added
  • ZeissCAN adapter: added condenser, optovar and baseport turret devices
  • Active shutter drop-down list added to the main panel

Micro-Manager 1.1.36 beta, (September 5, 2007), size 23MB

  • Serial comm. bug fix for ASI devices

Micro-Manager 1.1.35 beta, (September 1, 2007), size 23MB

  • Serial comm. bug fixes for Ludl devices
  • Single stage Ludl support added (X, Y, or Z)

Micro-Manager 1.1.34 beta, (August 19, 2007), size 23MB
Initial public 1.1 (beta) release

Micro-Manager 1.0.69, (May 1, 2007), size 23MB

This is the last 1.0 release - all new development and bug fixes are now taking place in version 1.1

  • Bug fixes in SutterLambda shutter adapters
  • QImaging camera support added
  • Yokogawa spinning disk adapter added
  • ASI XY stage adapter added (ASIStage)
  • ASI filter wheel and shutter support (ASIFW1000)

Micro-Manager 1.0.64, (February 20, 2007), size 21MB

  • Bug fix: Vincent Uniblitz shutter reports wrong open/close status

Micro-Manager 1.0.63, (February 12, 2007), size 21MB

  • Bug fix: memory leak associated with closing the multi-dimensional image window

Micro-Manager 1.0.62, (February 6, 2007), size 21MB

  • Bug fix: multi-dimensional image display (grayscale and color) broken in releases 1.60 and 1.61
  • Bug fix: Registration prompt for each different user on the machine

Micro-Manager 1.0.61, (February 1, 2007), size 21MB

Official 1.0 release. Except for some small changes in the copyright notices, the same as previous beta version 1.0.60.
Micro-Manager 1.0.60 (beta), (January 17, 2007), size 21MB
This release contains will prompt you to register on the first startup. We are asking you to register so that we can estimate the number of people downloading and using the software, to help our funding efforts.

  • Updated serial port driver for Windows to include the baud rate setting
  • Loading of the configuration file dos not stop on the first error. It will now accumulate all errors and display them when the loading ends.
  • Bug fix: corrupted image files during time-lapse protocol with variable binning between channels
  • Bug fix: getting XY position from the XYStage does not work in Java environment
  • Bug fix: when device is removed in the Configuration Wizard, the file may become invalid.
  • Bug fix: saving and reading acquisition protocols to XML does not work properly

Micro-Manager 1.0.59 (beta), (January 4, 2007), size 21MB

  • Updated Sutter Lambda driver to support Lambda 10-3 features
  • Acquisition protocol now allows generalized setting of “channels” to any configuration group
  • Bug fix: loading of configuration files from the Tools menu does not properly update the GUI.

Micro-Manager 1.0.58 (beta), (December 18, 2006), size 21MB

  • Hamamatsu driver updated to support Gamma settings
  • Micro-Manager now has an option or running the initialization script on startup
  • Vincent shutter controller driver changed to support multiple models: VMM-D1/T1,D122 and VMM-D3/D4
  • XYStage API bug fixed: getting the x and y coordinates in Java environment
  • ImageJ now stays open after closing down Micro-Manager

Micro-Manager 1.0.54 (beta), (December 4, 2006), size 21MB

  • Sutter XY-Stage device adapter added
  • Progress indicator added for saving and loading 5d acquisition files

Micro-Manager 1.0.53 (beta), (December 1, 2006), size 21MB

Allows acquisition of multiple channels with different image sizes. All images are re-scaled during acquisition based on the phyiscal dimensions of the first image in the frame.
Micro-Manager 1.0.52 (beta), (November 29, 2006), size 21MB

  • Bug fix: out-of-memory detection
  • Bug fix: ImageJ unexpectedly terminates on uManager exit
  • Bux fix: Preset editor should hide COM port parameters - to avoid accidental change
  • Playback for intteruped acquistion sequences does not include empty frames
  • Saving of interrupted acquisition sequences does not write empty frames

Micro-Manager 1.0.50 (beta), (November 28, 2006), size 21MB

  • Improved hardware configuration wizard
  • New user interface to edit and manage configuration presets
  • Bug fix to prevent crashes due to running out of memory

Micro-Manager 1.0.47 (beta), (November 8, 2006), size 21MB

NOTE: this is a major update and we recommend that you uninstall any older version of Micro-Manager before installing release 1.0.47. Make sure you save your configuration files before uninstalling.

  • Bug fixes for the ROI support in PVCAM device adapter
  • New device adapter API and file naming convention
  • New registry locations for storing persistent settings
  • New utility for creating and editing configuration files (Configurator)

Micro-Manager 1.0.43 (beta), (September 14, 2006), size 20MB

  • Bug fixes for the PVCAM device adapter
  • Bug fixes for the Nikon TE2000 device adapter

Micro-Manager 1.0.40 (beta), (August 31, 2006), size 20MB

  • Support for Nikon remote focus accessory.
  • Updated CoolSnap and Cascade II device adapters
  • Updated Andor iXon device adapter
  • Support for Sutter Lambda DG4 filter changer
  • Suport for Data Translation I/O boards (digital and analog outputs)

Micro-Manager 1.0.37 (beta) “Woods Hole Edition”, (July 6, 2006), size 20MB

  • Support for Andor iXon camera.
  • Support for CoolSnap and Cascade II cameras
  • Support for Prior Z-stage

µManager 1.0.36 (beta), Windows XP/2000, (June 29, 2006), size 20MB
***’ - Save prompt displayed on closing of ImageJ.

  • Only a single instance of MicroManage plugin window is allowed
  • Bug fix: acquisition window re-display

µManager 1.0.35 (beta), Windows XP/2000, (June 19, 2006), size 20MB
***’ - Save prompt displayed on closing Image5D window

  • Closing of the Image5D window disabled during acquisition
  • Log scale histogram
  • Bug fix: playback during acquisition

**’</span>µManager 1.0.33 (beta), Windows XP/2000, (June 15, 2006), size 20MB
’ - Automatic contrast stretch function

  • Variable histogram depth selection
  • Enable/disable slice scanning in the acquisition window

µManager 1.0.32 (beta), Windows XP/2000, (June 13, 2006), size 20MB
***’ - Contrast button added to Image5D acquisition window

  • Image5D processing added to Image5D menu in the main panel

µManager 1.0.30 (beta), Windows XP/2000, (June 10, 2006), size 20MB
***’ - Image5D acquisition window auto-scales contrast based on the first frame

  • Bug fix: auto-shutter control logic during acquisition
  • Bug fix: acquisition aborted at image5D window closing
  • Hamamatsu driver updated to support older cameras

MicroManage 1.0.27 (beta), Windows XP/2000, (June 7, 2006), size 20MB
***’ - Z-stack acquisition supports relative and absolute specifications

  • Acquisition saves files to disk and opens Image5D window
  • Acquisition countdown displayed
  • Metadata stored during acquisition

MicroManage 1.0.19 (beta), Windows XP/2000, (May 23, 2006), size 20MB
***’ - Z-stage bug fixed (for Zeiss MTB)

  • Bug fix: run-time crash on using auto-contrast when the window is closed
  • Open/close shutter button added
  • Hamamatsu Orca device adapter bug fix: bit-depth info
  • Time units expanded in Acquisition-dialog
  • Nikon TE2000 driver adapter added
  • Z-stack bug fixed.

MicroManage 1.0.16 (beta), Windows XP/2000, (April 25, 2006), size 20MB
***’ - Sutter Lambda10 adapter bug fix: set position returns error for the current position.

  • Contrast control user interface redesigned to support both acquisition and Image5D windows.

MicroManage 1.0.15 (beta), Windows XP/2000, (April 20, 2006), size 20MB
***’ - Redesigned user interface

MicroManage 1.0.14 (beta), Windows XP/2000, (April 11, 2006)
***’ - Shutter synchronization bug fixed

  • Sensicam camera fully supported

MicroManage 1.0.11 (beta) ), Windows XP/2000, (March 28, 2006)
***’ -MTB initialization bug fixed

MicroManage 1.0.10 (beta) ), Windows XP/2000, (March 23, 2006)
‘’’’’’ -Hamamatsu driver bugs fixed
-State device position labels constrained to be unique
-Histogram displayed in the main panel
-Sensicam driver added
-AOTF driver added