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MCL MicroDrive


Controls Mad City Labs (MCL) Micro-Drive™ XY stage


Mad City Labs




Windows 7/8/10 (32 bit and 64 bit)



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Example Config File:

Example Config File (Sets up the Micro-Drive™ with the DemoCamera.)

The MCL Micro-Drive™ controls the MicroStage series stage devices.

The Micro-Drive™ is a USB enabled controller to be used with the motorized MicroStage series offered by Mad City Labs. The Micro-Drive™ allows control and reading of encoder position with resolution of 20nm and step-sizes down to 95nm. The MicroStage series can be used in conjunction with Mad City Labs Nanopositioning systems for a complete positioning solution.

To correctly use the XY List feature, including the Calibrate button, the positioning type must be set to Absolute on the Device/Property Browser. However, Calibrate on the Device/Property Browser (see below) calibrates correctly using either absolute or relative positioning.

The following properties are currently implemented in the Micro-Manager MCL Micro-Drive&trade adapter:

Property Description

Position Type

Sets the positioning type as either absolute or relative positioning. The default positioning type is relative.

Set Origin

Sets the current position as the origin by resetting the Micro-Drive™’s encoders.

Return to Origin

Returns the MicroStage to the position defined as the origin.


Calibrates the Micro-Drive™ by moving the MicroStage to the X and Y forward limits, setting this position as the origin, and returning the MicroStage to the position it was when calibrate was selected. This works exactly the same as the “Calibrate” button on the XY List but allows for calibration when positioning type is selected as relative.