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Cobolt Official Driver for Cobolt Lasers

Summary: Interfaces with Cobolt lasers.
Author: Lukas Kalinski, Cobolt AB 1
Contributors: Melissa Haahr, Cobolt AB 2
Platforms: Windows (No Mac or Linux driver available)
Devices: Cobolt 06-01 Series lasers; Cobolt Skyra multi-line laser; and C-FLEX laser combiner equipped with Cobolt 06-01 Series lasers.

Compatible with:

Cobolt 06-01 Series lasers

Cobolt Skyra Multi-line lasers

C-FLEX laser combiners equipped with Cobolt 06-01 Series lasers

Information and Tips:

  • Select the COM Port for your Cobolt laser
  • Select Baud Rate: 115200
  • The laser will connect in “not emitting” mode. Open the Device Property Browser to enable control of the laser.
  • In order to control the laser with an external function generator, it is necessary to put the laser in “Modulation Mode” in the Device Property Browser.

Troubleshooting tip: If the program or computer disconnects unexpectedly, the laser will re-start in “not emitting” mode the next time that it is connected to any program (Micro-Manager, Cobolt Monitor GUI, LabView, etc.).

Troubleshooting tip: Cobolt lasers can only be connected to one program at a time. If you are unable to connect to Micro-Manager, check your system for any other programs which may be communicating with the laser (Cobolt Monitor, LabView, etc.)

Contact information for questions and feedback: info@coboltlasers.com 3