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ChuoSeiki QT

ChuoSeiki QT


Micro-Manager device adapters for QT-series controllers


Naoto Hirose (Chuo Precision Industrial Co.,LTD.)

Duong Quang Anh (Chuo Precision Industrial Co.,LTD.)




All (uses serial interface)


3-Axis: QT-AMM3, QT-ADM3, QT-ADM3-35

2-Axis: QT-AMH2A, QT-AMH2A-35, QT-ADM2, QT-ADM2-35

1-axis: QT-ADL1, QT-ADL1-35

Available since version:

1.4.23 20181220 (Nightly Builds)

The ChuoSeiki QT-series controllers connect to PC via the RS232 interface. It does not require any special driver to run. However, if you connect the controller via a device such as a USB-RS232 converter, be sure to install its driver.

The ChuoSeiki_QT adapters can control one or more QT-controllers: you can register multi adapters in Hardware Configuration Wizard with different serial ports, and each device adapter connects to one controller using one serial port. Exception: the 3-axis controllers can be driven by two device adapters (one for AB axis, the other for C axis), which are registered at one same serial port.

To download the QT-series controller’s user manual, please follow this link 1, click on the controller and then download the manual under the Product information bar.

Device Adapter Initialization

The “ChuoSeiki QT 2-Axis||XY stages” requests to register the Serial port and Serial port settings.

The “ChuoSeiki QT 1-Axis||Z stage” requests to register the Serial port, Serial port settings, and Axis name (or stage channel).

Register the correct serial port that connects to the corresponding QT controller. If using 3-axis controller, the above two device adapters should be registered to one single serial port (see Note on Axis name).

’’’ Serial port settings ‘’’

Baudrate 9600 bps
DataBits 8 bits
StopBits 1 bit
ParityBits None bit
AnswerTimeout 500 ms
DelayBetweenCharsMs 0.00 ms
Handshaking Off  

’'’Default Stage settings ‘’’

HighSpeed 2000 pps
LowSpeed 500 pps
StepSize 1 um
Acceleration time 100 ms

Please customize your stage settings using Group and Preset in Micro-Manager. Or you can load the settings from a saved .cfg file.

’'’Axis Name Registration’’’

The “ChuoSeiki QT 2-Axis” supports the 2-axis controllers or control AB channels of the 3-axis controllers. In this device adapter, the two stages names are fixed as “A” and “B”, corresponding to the controller’s A&B channels. It uses the functions that control two axes at the same time.

The “ChuoSeiki QT 1-Axis” supports the 1-axis controller or control one channel of the 2-axis/3-axis controllers. The axis name (default is “A”) can be re-defined in the device adapter as “A” or “B” or “C”, corresponding to the controller’s A or B or C channels.

To control a 3-axis controller, you need to register one “ChuoSeiki QT 2-Axis” for its A&B channels and one “ChuoSeiki QT 1-Axis” for its C channel. The two device adapters must be registered with the same Serial port, which is connected to the 3-axis controller. And remember to change the axis name to “C” when initializing the “ChuoSeiki QT 1-Axis”.