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ABS Camera adapter


Adapter for cameras from ABS


Michael Himmelreich and Heiko




Windows, 32 and 64-bit


ABS cameras

Available since version:

1.3.18 (64 bit from 1.4.7)

The code for this adapter was written by Michael Himmelreich and donated to the Micro-Manager source code repository.

Changes in 1.3.40:
• Support of API version 31
• Property: ColorMode added, valid values Color and Grayscale
• Property: Pixeltype changed, valid values 8Bit, 10Bit and 12Bit (10/12 Bit will be dynamically available if supported by camera => result in 16Bit images)

> to setup the old pixeltype 32Bit\_RGB: select Color and 8Bit • Streaming support added • Hardwaresupport of properties TransposeMirrorX and TransposeMirrorY • CamUSB_Api.dll is no longer necessary to avoid a chrash

> mmgr_dal_ABSCamera.dll device description will be automatically changed to CamUSB\_Api.dll not found or wrong version!
• Dynamically support of multiple ABS Camera Devices
ABSCam is base device name and the name of the first available device
=> ABSCam00 also the first device
=> ABSCam01 second device and so on
The Hardware Configuration Wizard... will show all available ABS devices.
Click here to search for ABS on the Micro-Manager mailing list archive.