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WSB PiezoDrive CAN adapter

Summary:Interfaces Wienecke & Sinske GmbH piezo stage controller
Author:S3L GmbH
Platforms:All Platforms (serial port)

This adapter interfaces piezo xy stages driven by Wienecke & Sinske WSB PiezoDrive CAN controller. It communicates with the controller through the serial port so that no further software is needed.
If the stage is connected via CAN to a motorized Zeiss microscope, you also may use the ZeissCAN29 motorized microscope device to control those stages.

Special properties of the XYStage:

Velocity (micron/s)Sets the maximum speed of the XY stage
Acceleration (micron/s^2)Sets the acceleration of the XY stage

COM Settings:

Answer TimeoutLong enough for stage to complete moves
Baud Rate57600
Delay Between Chars Ms0
Stop Bits1

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