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Summary:Interfaces with SmarAct controllers HCU-3D and CU-3D
Author:Joran Deschamps
Platforms:All platforms (uses serial interface)
Example Config File:None
Micro-Manager version:>=1.4.17
In order to enable RS232 communication with the controller, the user must request from SmarAct a new firmware for the corresponding controller (*Ua.fmw) and upload it using the manufacturer's tool.

This adapter has been written to communicate with a HCU-3D controller from SmarAct using the manufacturer SCU (simple control unit) RS232 interface (via COM port). The factory baud rate is 9600 but might be set by the user later. The user can independently load a 1D sensor ("Z stage") and a 2D configuration ("XY stage").

To each sensor corresponds a channel (0, 1 or 2) from the HCU-3D controller. The possibility to set the direction (+ or -) is given in the hardware configuration wizard. In the property browser, the frequency (speed), holdtime and position can be set via properties.

This device adapter has been tested with Micro-manager 1.4.17 to 1.4.22 in Windows 7, with HCU-3D and CU-3D controllers produced before 2015 (compatibles with M sensors).

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