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MM::AutoFocus Class Referenceabstract

#include <MMDevice.h>

Inheritance diagram for MM::AutoFocus:
MM::Device CDeviceBase< MM::AutoFocus, U > CAutoFocusBase< U >

Public Member Functions

virtual DeviceType GetType () const
virtual int SetContinuousFocusing (bool state)=0
virtual int GetContinuousFocusing (bool &state)=0
virtual bool IsContinuousFocusLocked ()=0
virtual int FullFocus ()=0
virtual int IncrementalFocus ()=0
virtual int GetLastFocusScore (double &score)=0
virtual int GetCurrentFocusScore (double &score)=0
virtual int AutoSetParameters ()=0
virtual int GetOffset (double &offset)=0
virtual int SetOffset (double offset)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from MM::Device
virtual unsigned GetNumberOfProperties () const =0
virtual int GetProperty (const char *name, char *value) const =0
virtual int SetProperty (const char *name, const char *value)=0
virtual bool HasProperty (const char *name) const =0
virtual bool GetPropertyName (unsigned idx, char *name) const =0
virtual int GetPropertyReadOnly (const char *name, bool &readOnly) const =0
virtual int GetPropertyInitStatus (const char *name, bool &preInit) const =0
virtual int HasPropertyLimits (const char *name, bool &hasLimits) const =0
virtual int GetPropertyLowerLimit (const char *name, double &lowLimit) const =0
virtual int GetPropertyUpperLimit (const char *name, double &hiLimit) const =0
virtual int GetPropertyType (const char *name, MM::PropertyType &pt) const =0
virtual unsigned GetNumberOfPropertyValues (const char *propertyName) const =0
virtual bool GetPropertyValueAt (const char *propertyName, unsigned index, char *value) const =0
virtual int IsPropertySequenceable (const char *name, bool &isSequenceable) const =0
virtual int GetPropertySequenceMaxLength (const char *propertyName, long &nrEvents) const =0
virtual int StartPropertySequence (const char *propertyName)=0
virtual int StopPropertySequence (const char *propertyName)=0
virtual int ClearPropertySequence (const char *propertyName)=0
virtual int AddToPropertySequence (const char *propertyName, const char *value)=0
virtual int SendPropertySequence (const char *propertyName)=0
virtual bool GetErrorText (int errorCode, char *errMessage) const =0
virtual bool Busy ()=0
virtual double GetDelayMs () const =0
virtual void SetDelayMs (double delay)=0
virtual bool UsesDelay ()=0
 MM_DEPRECATED (virtual HDEVMODULE GetModuleHandle() const)=0
 MM_DEPRECATED (virtual void SetModuleHandle(HDEVMODULE hLibraryHandle))=0
virtual void SetLabel (const char *label)=0
virtual void GetLabel (char *name) const =0
virtual void SetModuleName (const char *moduleName)=0
virtual void GetModuleName (char *moduleName) const =0
virtual void SetDescription (const char *description)=0
virtual void GetDescription (char *description) const =0
virtual int Initialize ()=0
virtual int Shutdown ()=0
virtual void GetName (char *name) const =0
virtual void SetCallback (Core *callback)=0
virtual bool SupportsDeviceDetection (void)=0
virtual MM::DeviceDetectionStatus DetectDevice (void)=0
virtual void SetParentID (const char *parentId)=0
virtual void GetParentID (char *parentID) const =0

Static Public Attributes

static const DeviceType Type = AutoFocusDevice

Detailed Description

Auto-focus device API.

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