MMCore  10.1.1
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MMEventCallback Class Reference

Public Member Functions

virtual void onPropertiesChanged ()
virtual void onPropertyChanged (const char *name, const char *propName, const char *propValue)
virtual void onChannelGroupChanged (const char *newChannelGroupName)
virtual void onConfigGroupChanged (const char *groupName, const char *newConfigName)
virtual void onSystemConfigurationLoaded ()
virtual void onPixelSizeChanged (double newPixelSizeUm)
virtual void onPixelSizeAffineChanged (double v0, double v1, double v2, double v3, double v4, double v5)
virtual void onStagePositionChanged (char *name, double pos)
virtual void onXYStagePositionChanged (char *name, double xpos, double ypos)
virtual void onExposureChanged (char *name, double newExposure)
virtual void onSLMExposureChanged (char *name, double newExposure)

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