MMCore  10.1.1
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Configuration Class Reference

#include <Configuration.h>

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Public Member Functions

void addSetting (const PropertySetting &setting)
void deleteSetting (const char *device, const char *prop)
bool isPropertyIncluded (const char *device, const char *property)
bool isSettingIncluded (const PropertySetting &ps)
bool isConfigurationIncluded (const Configuration &cfg)
PropertySetting getSetting (size_t index) const throw (CMMError)
PropertySetting getSetting (const char *device, const char *prop)
size_t size () const
std::string getVerbose () const

Detailed Description

Encapsulation of the configuration information. Designed to be wrapped by SWIG. A collection of configuration settings.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addSetting()

void Configuration::addSetting ( const PropertySetting setting)

◆ deleteSetting()

void Configuration::deleteSetting ( const char *  device,
const char *  prop 

Removes property setting, specified by device and property names, from the configuration.

◆ getSetting() [1/2]

PropertySetting Configuration::getSetting ( const char *  device,
const char *  prop 

Get the setting with specified device name and property name.

◆ getSetting() [2/2]

PropertySetting Configuration::getSetting ( size_t  index) const
throw (CMMError

◆ getVerbose()

std::string Configuration::getVerbose ( ) const

Returns verbose description of the object's contents.

◆ isConfigurationIncluded()

bool Configuration::isConfigurationIncluded ( const Configuration cfg)

Checks whether a configuration is included. Included means that all devices from the operand configuration are included and that settings match

Referenced by CMMCore::getCurrentConfig(), CMMCore::getCurrentConfigFromCache(), and CMMCore::getCurrentPixelSizeConfig().

◆ isPropertyIncluded()

bool Configuration::isPropertyIncluded ( const char *  device,
const char *  prop 

Checks whether the property is included in the configuration.

Referenced by CMMCore::defineStateLabel(), CMMCore::getCurrentPixelSizeConfig(), and CoreCallback::OnPropertyChanged().

◆ isSettingIncluded()

bool Configuration::isSettingIncluded ( const PropertySetting ps)

Checks whether the setting is included in the configuration.

References PropertySetting::getPropertyValue().

Referenced by CMMCore::defineStateLabel().

◆ size()

size_t Configuration::size ( ) const

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