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Scientifica adapter

Summary:Interfaces all current Scientifica motorized equipement
Author:Nenad Amodaj and Matthew Player(ElecSoft)
Platforms:All Platforms (serial port)
Devices:XYStage, ZStage

This adapter interfaces all Scientifica motorized systems through Scientifica hardware. It communicates with the controller through the serial port so that no further software is needed but the serial port needs to be specified for all devices (Even though the XYStage and ZStage are likely to be on the same port).

Special properties of the XYStage:

MaxSpeedSets the maximum speed of the XY stage
AccelerationSets the acceleration of the XY stage

COM Settings:

Answer TimeoutLong enough for stage to complete moves
Baud Rate9600
Delay Between Chars Ms0
Stop Bits1

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