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PCO Camera

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PCO generic camera interface

Summary:Controls PCO Cameras
Author:Franz Reitner PCO AG (adapter), Thomas Bauersachs PCO AG (comments), Thomas Hartmann (comments)
Devices: pco.panda, pco.edge, pco.dimax S/HD/HS, pco.dimax cs, pco.ultraviolet, pco.pixelfly usb, pco.flim, pco.1200/1300/1400/1600/2000/4000, Sensicam, Pixelfly,
New:Camera Link HS interface, Lightsheet mode
Available since version:1.3.24

This adapter has been developed for all PCO camera systems (B/W and color versions).

a) download and install latest Micro-Manager Nightly build version
b) add PCO camera specific dll files to your Micro-Manager directory

Files needed for all PCO cameras:


In case of Camera Link HS (CLHS) interface you also need:


In case of Camera Link (CL) interface you also need:

 Silicon Software ME3: sc2_cl_me3.dll
 Silicon Software ME4: sc2_cl_me4.dll
 Matrox: sc2_cl_mtx.dll, clsermtx.dll, mtxclsermil.dll
 National Instruments: sc2_cl_nat.dll

Please copy the corresponding dll files into your Micro-Manager directory. These files should be found on your computer under C:\Program files\Digital Camera Toolbox\Camware. In case your system is 64bit see C:\Program files (x86)\Digital Camera Toolbox\Camware for the 32bit dlls and C:\Program files\Digital Camera Toolbox\Camware for the 64bit dlls (32/64 depends on your installation). If you are not administrator when installing the PCO camera software, it may install to C:\Users\(Your username)\AppData\Roaming, so you may need to look there as well. _______________________________________________________________

Please refer to the following Installation Guide for further help: [File:Installation Guide]

--Thomas H 21 September 2017 (EDT) --Thomas 10:50pm, 27 April 2012 (EDT)

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