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Summary: Interfaces with Mightex Polygon400 multiwavelength patterned illuminators.
License: Proprietary/closed source, Copyright Mightex Systems, 2015
Platforms: Windows
Devices: Polygon400

(See also: the Mightex Polygon Plugin.)

(Documentation to be written.)

You will need to copy MT_POLYGON400_IMGC.DLL and MT_Polygon400_SDK.DLL from your MightEx folder into µManager's folder in order for the device adapter to load. In the Mightex folder there is also a folder MT_Polygon400_SDK/, and in there one (or more) subfolders with names similar to DSIGeeeeeeeeeeeeLAP1014103100/. You will need to copy the entire MT_Polygon400_SDK/ folder to the root of the micromanager folder as well.

Note: For some weird reason, on Windows the device will show up in the Device Manager as some sort of network controller.

See this thread.

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