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IDS uEye

Summary:Controls IDS uEye cameras
Author:Wenjamin Rosenfeld
Platforms:Linux, Windows
Devices:IDS uEye USB cameras, including Thorlabs DCUxxxx USB and some Edmund EO-xxxxM/C USB with IDS hardware
Adapter Version:1.3
Available Since Version:1.4.15
Configuration file:Media:MMConfig_uEye.cfg

Requires drivers from IDS (version 4.30 or higher), which can be downloaded from the IDS site.

Supported features

  • Monochrome and color cameras. The available modes/bit depths can be selected in the properties browser ("Pixel Type").
  • Gain.
  • Binning.
  • ROI.
  • External/internal triggering.


  • For color, currently only the modes "BGRA8" and "RGBA8" are supported.
  • The "Frame rate" property will not necessarily affect the real frame rate in the live-mode for every camera model. It does, however, determine the maximal exposure time.
  • Gamma correction is deactivated.
  • If several cameras are connected, currently only the first camera in the list will be addressed.
  • With Linux and OpenJDK, using the color modes may cause problems (monochrome modes work), with Sun/Oracle JDK all modes work.
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