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Summary: Interfaces with Andor Smamrock Spectrograph
Authors: Francis McCloy(Andor)
Cary McPoland (Andor)
Maintainers: Francis McCloy(Andor)
Cary McPoland (Andor)
License: LGPL
Platforms: Windows
Devices: Andor Shamrock 193i, 300, 500 & 750
Since version 1.4.20


  • mmgr_dal_AndorShamrock.dll
  • atshamrock.dll
  • ShamrockCIF.dll


All the dlls mentioned in the dependencies section are all required to run up an Andor Shamrock. The mmgr_dal_AndorShamrock dll ships with MicroManager ever since version 1.4.20. The atshamrock and ShamrockCIF dlls can be obtained from the MyAndor website. After all dependencies are in place (e.g. C:\Program Files\Micro-Manager1.4\) the device can be initialized and added to a configuration file.

Hardware Configuration Manager

Follow the usual instructions to add a device to a config file in Micro-Manager (i.e. Tools->Hardware Configuration Wizard). Providing all dlls are in the right place and the device is on and connected to the computer, it should appear in the list of available devices to add.


Continue with addition of other devices such as cameras, microscopes, stage devices and save the configuration file that is generated.

Suggested Presets

Ideal for spectroscopy application:

Device Name Property Name Property Value
Andor Camera ReadMode FVB
Andor Shamrock No. of Detector Pixels Width of sensor of attached camera
Andor Shamrock Centre wavelength gt 0
Andor Shamrock Detector Pixel Width (um) gt 0

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