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Version 2.0 TODO

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TODO list for 2.0. These are considered release blockers, unlike the items in the Version_2.0_Wishlist.

Data API

  • Allow saving custom axes
  • Add axis order information to SummaryMetadata (and populate when acquiring data, and use when creating new DisplayWindows; see related TODO under viewers)


  • org.micromanager.MultistagePosition (missing parameter descriptions)
  • (missing variable and return descriptions, superfluous imports)
  • (missing variable and return descriptions, formatting of Javadoc)
  • (unused import, missing return and variable descriptions)
  • (missing javadoc to builder)
  • org.micromanager.display.DisplaySettings (missing return and variable description, unused import)

Viewer window

  • ImageJ tools and the right-click Duplicate command don't work (cannot repro this one)
  • When duplicating displays, displayed axis order changes
  • Replace lock/animate buttons with proper icons.


  • Update useful existing scripts to new API
  • Replace MMException/MMScriptException with more descriptive (and non-custom) exceptions
  • Scan through entire codebase for TODO tags and fix them if appropriate
  • When in nighttime mode, MDA channel settings are hard to read ("disabled text" color is easier to read than "enabled text" color)
  • Recently-used config files dropdown in intro dialog is missing entries.


  • Be sure to test non-square images from time to time
  • Leave a Live display open for a few hours and see if the display "breaks".
  • Check for memory leaks
  • Try running acquisitions on 32-bit systems (in particular be aware of memory constraints e.g. with direct byte buffers)
  • Test on Windows


  • Still have to select overlay plugins (e.g. Acquisition Tools -> Pattern Overlay) from the Plugins menu before they become available in the overlays tab; this ought to happen automatically on program start.


  • Ensure loading of 1.4 files works properly, with fallbacks for properties that aren't available but should be in 2.0 (e.g. display settings)


  • MetadataPanel goes nuts when acquisition is done and using scrollbars (flickers display of metadata on/off)
  • When last image window closes, inspector still shows information (e.g. in histograms)
  • Restore logarithmic histogram mode.
  • Make histograms taller (already wide enough)
  • Histogram eye button is not linked via link buttons
  • Histogram bit depth selection is not linked via link buttons (it's not even in the DisplaySettings)
  • Automatically raise window when selected from dropdown menu
  • Histograms default to white if no color is set yet (should be RGB or CMY).
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