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Version 2.0

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Micro-Manager 2.0 is a major step forwards compared to the 1.4 series that preceded it. The user interface (UI) has been overhauled, especially with respect to the image display window. The API has also been completely reworked, allowing for more powerful scripts and plugins. This was all enabled by a new internal data model for working with images and image metadata.

This page serves as a "hub" for various other pages related to Version 2.0.


Beta nightly builds: Windows | Mac OS X

2.0.0-beta2 (obsolete) Windows 32-bit | Windows 64-bit | Mac OS X (Note: there is no 2.0.0-beta1.)

Alpha nightly builds (obsolete): Windows | Mac OS X)

Current source code on GitHub: mm2 branch


If you want to write a new plugin or script, you will need to familiarize yourself with the new API. Version_2.0_API has an overview of the API's capabilities. Plugin authors should also read Version_2.0_Plugins.

Version_2.0_API_How_do_I is a demonstration of how to accomplish various common tasks using the new API. If you have a task that you want to perform that is not covered, then please ask us on the mailing list and we can update the documentation.

Version_2.0_API_Transition_Guide is a transition guide to help people who are familiar with the 1.4 API and need to port their code to the 2.0 API. It breaks down where old API methods have gone and how to replace deprecated methods.

The Javadocs will likely also prove useful. All packages whose names do _not_ include "internal" are part of the API in 2.0. In particular, the root API, data, and display packages should prove useful.

Important Note Regarding Netbeans

µManager 2.0 includes a new plugin loading framework, which as a side-effect requires it to be able to see the MMJ_.jar file at runtime. Netbeans does not normally generate a jar file when you run your project. Thus in order to do development in Netbeans, you need to add MMJ_.jar to your library classpath.

The effect you will see if you do not do this is that the program fails to launch, having encountered a NullPointerException in org.micromanager.internal.MainFrame.createCommonActionButtons().

API Events

Version 2.0 provides greater access to the event publication and subscription system initially introduced in 1.4. Version_2.0_API_Events has more information on what events are available.


For some examples of writing Beanshell scripts for 2.0, see Version_2.0_Scripts

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