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TODO list?

Hi, thank you for the account. I wonder whether there is a TODO list for people maintaining this wiki. For instance, I am having a hard time getting micro-manager screenshots. The only ones I could find are taken either on pretty old Mac OS versions or Windows XP.

Many thanks, Maximew (talk) 19:25, 15 September 2016 (PDT)

Camera Capable of Live Plot Profile in MM 1.4


I am trying to find and then purchase a 5 to 10 MP camera less than around USD800 that is able to achieve "Live Plot Profile" in ImageJ wishing MM 1.4. I only need monochrome camera, but if it is color, then I must be able to run software in monochrome. My preference is for 8 bit grey-levels. I have found a Tucsen camera that can use MM, but it cannot use the "Live Plot Profile" function.

Many thanks, GeoffP

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