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My name is Pariksheet Nanda. I have been a Support Engineer for Andor Technology since 2008. I worked in the camera/spectroscopy division for a year and since then have been working in microscopy division in the dual role of field technician and remote support. I have a hardware background and spend most of my time writing documentation and helping users.


These are the wiki pages I maintain:

Interest in µManager

  1. Improve documentation on this wiki.
  2. Setup µManager to give users freedom running their complex imaging microscopes.
  3. Promote the project to attract programmers and funding from other industries: particularly by adding GNU/Linux packages to official µManager releases and the FSF Directory.
  4. Get more familiar with the programming API.


I wish to thank a few super-users for practical information about running µManager:

Institution Principal Investigator
National Institutes of Health Steve Ikeda
Yale University Paul Forscher
Cambridge, University of John James

Over the years, I've helped a number of students and professors get setup with µManager:

Institution Principal Investigator
California, University of, at San Diego Karen Oegema
Carnegie Mellon Marcel Bruchez
Connecticut, University of David Knecht
Cornell University Peng Chen
Cornell, Weill Medical College Joel Baumgart
Harvard Medical School Rachel Wilson
Luisiana State University Health Science Center Edward Wojcik
Michigan, University of Allen Liu
National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences Jerry Yakel
North Carolina, University of, at Chapel Hill Anne Taylor
Ohio State University Tony Brown
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Daniel Heller
Sandia National Labs at Livermore Carl Hayden
Texas, University of, Southwestern Medical Center Kate Luby-Phelps
Yale University Derek Toomre
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