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Summary:Device adapter for Thorlabs USB cameras
Author:Christophe Dupre and Nenad Amodaj
Devices:DCU223M, DCU223C, DCU224M, DCU224C, DCC1545M, DCC1645C, DCC1240M, DCC1240C, DCC3240x. Has been developed and tested with the DCC1545M and DC3240M
Available since version:1.4.14 nightly build of 02/06/2013

Procedure: Install latest version of Micromanager (this device adapter was first included in the nightly build of 02/06/2013). Install Thorlabs camera software and plug camera to your computer. Test that the camera works with the software provided by Thorlabs. Run MM and make a config file that uses the device adapter "ThorlabsUSBCamera".

If you see ThorlabsUSBCamera listed as "(unavailable)" in the Hardware Configuration Wizard, try removing the file mmgr_dal_IDS_uEye.dll from your Micro-Manager installation and restarting Micro-Manager. (The two device adapters will conflict with each other until a fix to Micro-Manager itself addressing this issue is available.)

Notes: Besides USB2 and USB3 cameras, this adapter should also support GigE cameras of the same DCx family (but never tested).

Built with the SDK version 4_20.

Hardware ROI function currently not supported.

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