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ThorlabsDCStage adapter

Summary:Interface to Thorlabs linear DC stage MTS50/M-Z8E controlled with the TDC001 Controller
Author:Emilio J. Gualda, UIC-Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia
Available since version:1.4.14
Default serial port settings:
BaudRate 115200
DelayBetweenCharsMs 0
Handshaking Off
Parity None
StopBits 1

The ThorlabsDCStage adapter operates the Motorized Translational Stages (50 mm) MTS50/M-Z8E from Thorlabs controlled with the TDC001 Controller.

Before using this adapter install the software provided by Thorlabs and follow the configuration process. Moreover the APT.dll file should be copied on the Micro-manager folder.

Each time you power-up this stage needs to be "homed" before sending any commands. To do that, create a Group with the "Home" property. Then set the value to 1.

The controller TDC001 only works on 32 bits Micro-manager as explained in the Thorlabs webpage.
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