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Summary: Interfaces to Sutter Lambda 10 controllers, Lambda SC controller, and DG4
Authors: Nenad Amodaj
Maintainers: Arthur Edelstein
License: BSD
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (only serial port, no parallel port or USB)
Devices: Lambda SC
Lambda 10-B
Lambda 10-2
Lambda 10-3
Lambda DG-4

Device Configuration

Serial port issues

Sutter devices use a straight through (i.e., not null modem) DB9 serial cable. The default baud rates are 9600 for serial ports and 128000 for USB ports (which use a build-in USB-serial converter, drivers can be found here)

Wheel speed

95% of the time speed #1 works best (#0 being the fastest, which only works with an empty wheel). If speed #1 does not work you can try the slowest (speed #7 IIRC). Best practice is to set the desired wheel speed during startup, i.e. in your Startup Preset of the System Group.

Lambda SC

For the Lambda SC Smart shutter controller, select the "Shutter-A|Lambda 10 shutter A" in the Hardware Configuration Wizard.


Wheel re-homing during imaging

You need to optimize the filter speed setting if you ever encounter the dreaded re-homing sound due to the wheel failing to move to a filter position during Multi-Dimensional Acquisition. The wheel itself has a resonance frequency associated with the load of filters. Practically one finds the ideal speed by empirically checking which speed introduces the least vibration.

See the Operation Manual (available at section "Helpful Tips about Filter Wheel Movement Errors".

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