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Policies for inclusion of source code

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We encourage everyone who has written a device adapter module to send their code to us for inclusion in the Micro-Manager source code repository. Please email the source code to Also do include any libraries or other materials that we will need to build the code (or provide links). Please also include a compatible license for your software (most of the code uses either a BSD or LGPL license, it is not possible for us to include GPL code).

After addition of your code to our repository, we will send you a username and password that you can use for future changes to the code (using a subversion client).

Also, please do request an account for this website (click on the Log In button), and create a page in the Device Support section. Use this page to provide information for users of your equipment to configure and use your device in Micro-Manager (i.e., please do not use this for marketing purposes).

In the past, several closed-source device adapters have been included in µManager. Open Imaging's current policy is to only accept new device adapters that are open source (usually BSD, LGPL, or Apache). Third parties can distribute their device adapters as binaries, although this is not encouraged because it complicates installation by the user and causes version compatibility issues. Existing closed-source device adapters in the official release will generally be maintained.

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